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1) Login in with Student Member ID and Password from the BPA Registration System:

2) Check the WSAP Guidelines for what is required to be uploaded for each National BPA Event or click on the "Instructions" button to review what MUST be uploaded.

3) Upload projects by clicking on the "Upload Files" button.

  • NOTE: You may upload a URL to a file sharing site containing all files or upload files directly.

  • NOTE: Accepted file types are: pdf, docx, zip, jpeg, jpg, png, rar

  • NOTE: Max file size for each file is 30mb.

  • NOTE: If a member is in more than one competition, please ensure projects are uploaded for each one.

  • NOTE: For team events, the completed projects should ONLY BE UPLOADED BY THE TEAM CAPTAIN.  The system will associate all members of the team to the upload.

  • Double check all of your file uploads.

NOTE: You can make changes to file uploads all the way up until the submission deadline of April 1, 2023 11:59 PM Eastern Time.

NOTE: When you upload projects into the system you will not see a final submit button.  If you can see the files uploaded, then they are uploaded and you are good to go!
For technical support or questions, contact Patrick Schultz, Director of Membership and Technology, at

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